August 12, 2014

4 weeks and one day

Well, crap. Apparently it gets sunny and I have a baby (who is 4 weeks and one day today) or something and I put off everything except napping in said sun and nursing said baby. And what do I have to show for it? (besides an empty blog). Well, how about a rocking' tan and a baby growing chunkier by the minute. (Oh and three other kids doing the summer thing and trying not to kill each other...)

So let's back this timeline train up and I'll fill you in on the happenings of our life (besides the tan - already mentioned that.)

Well, at 40 weeks PLUS 5 FREAKING DAYS our beautiful baby GIRl was born. I kept joking to myself she wouldn't come until I blogged and she never came and eventually had to get kicked out. Birth story to come (because rain is forecasted for tomorrow and the next and I might actually blog). So here she is in all her glory:

Lourdes Marie
7lb. 11oz ~ 19in.
July 14th 10:55pm

I totally guessed it right: 8lb dark haired girl was my prediction. Points for mommy intuition.

People, she is so beautiful. And super crazy laid back. I was grumpy about having a newborn - especially in the summer when I could be doing all sorts of outside things instead of stuck inside with a baby - but I knew that the moment we met this little one I would get over it and fall in love. And fall in love have I. Plus with her super napping skillz and mom vowing to teach her how to sleep from the beginning, I'm getting my outside time...booooonus.

Over this next week I'll catch you up on the last bits of this experimentally awesome pregnancy, how Lola (what we call her) is doing, how the big kids are, and the other crazy goings on in our household. But for now pour a cold one (mine will have alcohol 'cause I can drink that now, Amen?) and drool over these. Just don't droll into your drink.

June 11, 2014

A June Daybook

Outside my window…
Still more sun. The forecast called for rain all week but so far not a drop. Blessings, blessings, blessings in the form of liquid sunshine for this 9 month pregnant lady.

I am thinking about…
the fact that we are going to have a baby in 3 weeks. I really haven't thought a lot about this pregnancy and another kid (well, I have but more of in like something that's just on our to do list) but now it's kind of becoming a reality. It's like I'm either in denial or just not freaked out but seriously I'm just going to go into labor one day and then before I know it I will be holding our new little life and then it will hit me, I think. In the meantime I'm enjoying every single day (it helps I actually don't feel pregnant this time around) and really not wishing for it to come sooner that it's supposed to.

I am hoping for…
crap, this whole post might be about baby (I'll try to throw something else in…maybe) but I'm hoping (and praying) for a smooth, healthy, holy delivery. Ya never know what you're gonna get in the labor department so I'm hunkering down and offering lots of prayers for this one's arrival. I'm also hoping that baby will wait until I get my hair done because I really don't feel like going into the sleepless newborn stage with these roots.

I am thankful for…
the slow, quiet days of summer that lie before us. And for using a newborn as an excuse to let the house go for a few months.

I am reading…
Letters from the Desert by Carlo Carretto.

I am praying for…
many people I know in transitions in life - that they will be comforted in the unknown and know that, even though the future seems uncertain, that they will be provided for.

We are learning…
wrapping up the school year, weird. I'm literally leaving one chapter/lesson in each subject (except math, gonna finish that baby up) mostly because I want to end school next week and not go right up to baby and because I want to remind myself that, in our homeschooling adventure, it's not about how much we get done but rather about the joy of learning and discovery along the way. Some of the best school moments come from our conversations after our read-alouds or by making creations with random stuff from around the house. These are things that can't be measured in a lesson book but carry with it more value than Grammar Lesson 35. Sure, formal curriculum is important, but the love of family, the love of discovery will carry them further than anything else.

From the kitchen…
homemade applesauce that none of the kids will eat.

I am working on…
growing a baby. And finding internal peace no matter what occurs in the storms around me.

I am struggling with…
keeping in touch with people. Just so hard when the only time I have to talk on the phone is like 5:30am.

Around the house…
found a place for the swing and the bouncer. On another note: LEGOS. Everywhere. But Legos kept all three kids occupied for 6 HOURS yesterday while I deep cleaned the baseboards and doors and walls (nesting) so I don't mind. They do mind, however, when I vacuum them up because they got lazy in cleaning them off the carpet.

Towards health…
I think I might do a separate post on my experiment from this past pregnancy. Because, as I mentioned before, I seriously don't feel pregnant. Which is a nice reprieve from the last go around when I cried everyday from 36-39 weeks when I had Levi. Hardly any discomfort, sleeping well, lots of energy. I was totally not expecting to feel like this the last few weeks but now I'm convinced that my experiment worked. More to come...

Clicking around…
trying to decided which color to get for baby's swaddler.

This fanny pack. I have actually longed for one since, well, I lost the last one I had, from college. I don't do purses but I also know I can't fit diapers onto my hip so this might have to wait.

A few plans for the week…
The week of appointments. After ballet tonight, tomorrow is doctor's (ultrasound!!!), hair cut, massage, then Friday is dentist for Avila (cavity filling, booooo) and Relay for Life, Saturday is bootcamp and Sunday is making daddy feel special day.

One of my favorite things…
all the little signs and signals that the kids are growing up. Like the fact that Max will hardly hug or kiss me anymore. OK, I don't like that part but it means I get to keep knowing and discoerving these amazing little people.

A picture to share…
quite ingenious answers, if you ask me.

June 10, 2014

What we've really been up to.

Well, I must say, yesterday was a bit of a blessing in disguise. I had planned a trip up to IKEA this morning (yes, with all three kids) to pick up a couple last things I needed for the playroom but IKEA with three kids (and other people) really is enough in and of itself to put me into labor so I bagged the trip and I'm still in my pajamas at noon. Since I also bagged my early morning workout I kind of have all this pent up energy so I spent it finishing the nursery, cleaning, organizing my little nursing stations for around the house and other random nesting stuff. Aaaahhhh, that felt good. Finally got the last of the baby stuff off the checklist. Except for finishing up freezer meals. I always say I'm going to do those then never get around to it. Oh well, at least BBQ season is coming up so Michael will be doing all the cooking grilling anyway.

As mentioned in today's earlier post, we've been living it up. Man, this weather has been incredible. Usually June is sucky rainy, but God must know I'll be stuck inside for a lot of the summer with a newborn so He decided to give us this freaking incredible weather. Like sun, hot hot sun.


Over Memorial Weekend, Michael and I finally got away on a little trip without the kids. It's been forever, man. We spent two nights in Seattle and we alternated between having fun and being bored (and filling our time with a whole bunch of random things). What the heck do people do without kids? We shopped, went onto to dinner with some friends, hit up a movie, went to the arcade, and slept in. For the first time in months and months I actually got to eat at a restaurant (TWO restaurants) that cater to highly sensitive gluten people like moi. And I ate so much food that baby some serious wattage over the weekend. (Just doing my part to work on those chubby baby thighs…) I was only slightly glutened (migraine, nausea, blah) and while I never ever intentionally expose myself to it, the food was so amazing that I can't help but say whatever.

The only thing kid related.

NO KID in carseat.

Nice view. And the water isn't bad either XOXO

Other things we've been up to, you might ask? Well how about this:

Lots of outside playing…

Lots of school…

A birthday party…

Paddleboarding at every chance we get…

A baby shower from all my awesome running friends…

Levi being crazy…

A baseball game…

Once, an incredible musical (even though I stayed up way too late. worth it). I'm not a cheater - this was taken before the show...

And counting body parts. This is either a couple elbows or a foot and something else…Points to me for showing my belly in all it's growing a baby glory.

So there. Whew, all caught up. Back to your regularly scheduled programming and you can be assured I'm gearing up to be here more because soon I will have yummy baby thighs to post about. Aaaaahhhhh, just want to squeeze them right now!

Well, that was an interesting day.

Suns out, guns out. Or in the case of the blog: sun's out, blogging go bye bye because I do nothing except the bare minimum to make sure we spend all our time outside. There. That was my explanation for being gone for 2 weeks.


Actually we have been quite busy. (In a super fun, let's totally live it up until the baby comes, sort of way.) Except busy yesterday meant baby almost came.

Explanation: On the way to the dentist yesterday I was in a minor fender bender (Avila thought everyone was going to die and cried until her eye balls almost fell out…) and, while it was only at about 5mph, the jolt was enough to warrant a call to the doc. And for the record, any car accident should be a call to the doc, which I'm proud of myself for doing because in crappy situations I usually just suck it up and deal. In this case, no sucking up. After all 3 kids' teeth cleanings (and discovering 2 cavities in Avila, wahoo) it was back home to make lunch, thank grandma and grandpa a million times for rushing over, and then off to the ER for monitoring. My back was sore and I was having some tightness but baby looked good and I was told to take it easy and, like, not run for a few days.

Booooo. I guess it takes a car accident to make a Honey Badger take a break.

I got out of labor and delivery (despite the circumstances, so freaking exciting to be there because in a little over 3 weeks I will get to meet our baby there!!!) in enough time to make it to my own dentist appointment (of course had to pick up the dry cleaning first) then back home to do dinner, math test with Avila, bed, and crash with Project Runway. Poor baby daddy is out of town on a business trip and I didn't want him to worry throughout all his million meetings so I turned into a good wife (imagine that) and took care of all the insurance stuff. Gold star for me.

Despite the crapiness of a car accident at 36 weeks pregnant, there is an upside: I got three hours, resting in bed, in the middle of the day, with a view like this.

Hey, there's always a bright side to everything.

May 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes. On a Tuesday.

These were meant for last week. But I like living on the edge.

1. Quoteboard

Levi: I sleep well.
Me: Oh that's nice buddy.
Levi: I dreamed.
Me: What did you dream about?
Levi: I touch my poopy.

2. I totally failed my one-hour glucose test. Like super high sugar numbers. But doc figured it was just a shock to my system and let me test my blood sugar for a few days. All in the clear and now I don't have to drink that pure sugar grossness on a bigger scale. Amen and thank you. On another random note, I wear the apron while I eat because apparently I drop everything onto ma belly. And yes, bellies are good for hiding under.

3. I totally need this, right? Because it looks so awesome.

Actually I need this. Because every pregnant woman wants to wear a crop top to show off her belly button ring. (for the record no BB ring over here. Although Levi tried to stab me with a toy in my tummy so that might have given me one accidentally)

4. Keeping with the baby theme. I found Max like this the other night. I think he's ready for his new sibling. Or he has issues.

5. My favorite snack. Mmmmmmm. Kombucha and pistachios. Let me add some pickles and baby will turn green and I will be happy and content.

6. My sister and I threw my other sister a bridal shower (she's getting married!!!) a couple weeks ago and we played the "make a wedding dress out of toilet paper" game. Guess who Auntie picked as the winner?

7.  Super easy craft out of packing peanuts. Dip them in a bit of water and they stick together. Mom award goes to me for crafting.


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